Our Services

Consignment Auctions

On the last Thursday & Friday each month, we have an auction in our 12,000 sq. ft. facility where we liquidate over 2000 lots of personal property.  This can range from fine jewelry and coins to modern furniture; from fine antiques to rare and unusual collectibles; from paper collectibles to artwork; from glass and china to automobiles; from appliances and patio furniture to tools and even lumber.  98% of the items in these auctions are on consignment where we will take a commission on the final selling price.

These consignments vary from single items, entire collections or even a house full of contents.  Our auctions contain a broad array of antiques & collectibles. Our stage is lined with antique and vintage furniture as well as art and unique collectibles.  Our showcases display the glassware, pottery, watches, jewelry, knives, pipes and very collectible items.

We accept consignments on Saturday morning following an auction (8am-11am), as well as the Monday following an auction (9am-4pm) .Appointments are available during the week by appointment only.

Pick-up service is also available.

Upcoming  drop off dates are:
Saturday March 30 from 8am-11am.
Monday April 1 from 9am-4pm.
Wednesday April 3 from 9am-4pm.

Estate Liquidation

If you find yourself in a position of needing to liquidate an estate, we can help.  We prefer to start our relationship with a free onsite consultation.  Contact us early in the process before you discard a thing.  Plain City Auction has been in business since 1959 for a reason!  Let us show you why.

We process estates like we would want someone sorting thru our own families’ possessions.  We are thoughtful, careful and diligent – we have found lost family heirlooms, tens of thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry as well as those long-lost pictures and kindergarten artwork that your mother saved.

Bankruptcy & Buyouts

If you are in a situation where you need to liquidate immediately, this option might be a something to consider.  If you are wondering “What can we do with all of our furniture, glassware, lawn items, business inventory, tools, car or truck, etc.?” If you no longer need or want these items; please give us a call. We can help!

Often we can offer same day service or adjust to your needs or schedule.  We will come out, make an inventory or the items, and generally  reach an agreement for purchase on the spot, depending on the number of items.  Occasionally we will need to take the inventory sheet back to the office and complete some research before making a final offer.


An ever popular buzz-word today as we look to minimize our possessions.    We can assist you in all phases of down-sizing whether it is from the house to a smaller condo or you are moving into assisted living.

This service can range from the first round of getting rid of the formal dining room suite and the furniture in the spare bedroom to more extensive multi-room efforts.  We will also swing by and pick-up those extra items that you took to your new place and they just don’t fit.  Give us a call, we can handle the scope of your down-sizing.


Let’s face it, we all have accumulated a lot of “stuff”.   Our parents and grandparents that lived during the depression were conditioned to save everything.  Okay, so the container filled with all the twist-ties and plastic clips from bread sacks since 1956 has no value.  However, that pristine chrome 1956 Toastmaster Super Deluxe toaster in the basement is.

We are often asked … “can you take everything?”  In short, the answer is yes.  This service is the one-stop shop.  In our world “things” fall into three categories; 1) the items that we can auction at our facility 2) the items that should be donated to thrift store and food banks and 3) the items that should be trashed.  With this service, we can process all three categories and leave you with a broom-swept clean house or condo.

If you need to get the house ready to sell and just don’t have the time or resources it takes to get the house completely empty.   In our experience, especially with estates,  we can provide a cost-effective solution for family members, executors, attorney and trustees.  We call this service a clean-out.

We take a look at how much there is to clean out, whether it is all on the first floor, 2nd floor, or basement, how much we can dispose of by donating to food banks, thrift stores, etc and what size dumpsters are needed, if any.  We factor all this information and reach a price for each particular project.

On-Site Auctions

Most of the personal property we auction takes place at the auction house.  However, if the situation warrants it – we can also bring our people and processes to your location.   When considering the onsite costs associated with set-up and advertising – an auction at our facility is often a more cost-effective solution.  We can discuss these options with you.  There are certainly those situations where on-site is the right solution for you.