Welcome to the New Plain City Auction Website

A positive customer experience is important in that our customers are savvy and have the power to choose between us and our competitors. As a business that operates in today’s competitive environment, we understand and invest in the customer experience. This is why we have set the following goals to achieve the utmost excellence in your customer experience.

  1. Improve customer satisfaction,
  2. Fosters repeat customers and customer loyalty,
  3. Create a competitive advantage, and
  4. Build stronger customer relationships.

One facet of our strategy to meet those goals is to improve the customer experience through continuous improvements in technology and communication. We want our technology to always be improving so that we can provide the most efficient and hassle-free customer experience possible.  Furthermore, we want to always be improving our communication so that we’re constantly in tune with our customers, and visa-versa.

A part of our continuous improvements in technology and communication includes updating our website. The Plain City Auction website was first created in 1999. Back then it looked like this…

PCA Website from 1999-2002

In 2002 we worked with our web development team to upgrade our initial website so that we could offer more photos for our customers to view and added the mailing list subscription feature. That upgrade looked like this…

2002 PCA Website
PCA Website from 2002-2008

That website served its functionality for a number of years. But we changed web vendors in 2008 and it seemed like a good time to revise our website and also upgrade it so that our customers could also view a video of auction items as well as adding some minimal social media integration. That new website looked like this…

PCA Website from 2008-2015
PCA Website from 2008-2015

Plain City Auction has always tried to continually improve the auction experience for our customers. That’s always included improvements in our technology and our communication. This particular new website release provides a complete technology overhaul in how our customers interact with our website and receive email communications from us.

Technology improvements include a complete redesign in the layout and aesthetics of our website, addition of a blog, numerous ways to search and browse blog and auction posts using taxonomy and archive features, fully integrated social media that provides embedded photos from our Facebook and embedded video from our YouTube, and so on.

Communications improvements include the aforementioned social media integration, automatic cross-posting of our website content to our social media sites, an updated mailing list system that sends digest emails of our newly added website content on a weekly basis, and more.

Basically, we’ve spent lots of thought, time, and money into trying to improve our customer’s experience with their interaction through our website and social media sites, as well as how our customers receive communications from us.

As always, thank you for your business. We look forward to seeing you at the next auction!