Auction January 1, 2018 at 5pm: Antiques, Coins, Glassware, Pottery, Radios, Sports Cards

~ Auction Details ~

Auction Date: January 1, 2018 at 5pm
Auction Preview: December 29, 2017 from 5pm-8pm

~ Auction Items ~

This is going to be a front-room only auction featuring a great selection of antiques & collectibles.

Please join us at one of our auctions to kick of 2018!

Please join us for New Year’s Day for a great selection of antique furniture, glassware and other interesting finds.  We have a Two Part auction on New Years Day.  Part 1 begins at 1 pm and features tractors, implements and tools.  Part 2 begins at 5 pm with the antique furniture, collectibles and treasures. This will be a front room only auction.


Larkins triple bow oak china in original finish
Drop front bookcase secretary in original finish
Corner apothecary cabinet, oak in original finish
4 stack barrister bookcase-painted
Oak farm table w/2 self-storing leaves
Arts & crafts style costumer
MCM chairs – pair
Marble top stands
Small tables
Sewing stands


Slag panel lamp
Stoneware crocks & jugs
Redwing 3 gal jug
Pair-Watt mixing bowls
Marked Blenko smoke lamp


1846 Seated Liberty Dollar
1886-S Morgan
1893-S Morgan
1891-CC Morgan
1821 Large Cent
1909-S $10 Indian Gold
1909-S Indian Head Cent
1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel Rotated Reverse
1918/17-S Overdate & Rotated Revers
GROUP of 3-Buffalo Nickels 191S-S, 1915-S, 1926-D
GROUP of 2-1883 III C, 1853 Half Cent

Marx tin toys  Charleston Trio, Donkey cart
Fisher Price # 485 Choo-Choo
Marbles – great selection in many sizes
Detective Dog
Magic Mike
Original stenciled panes from Kahiki
Fold art wood carvings
Lots of rust & galvanized
Coca Cola
Primitive berry basket
Singer attachments
Comic Books
Baseball cards – many graded
Hobart Dayton scale
Bottles Redwing Dayton OH  Wetterer Cincinnati OH
Furs – more than a dozen mink, raccoon, others
Evette by Buffet clarinet, Paris
Bally’s Black & White Double Jackpot slot machine


1945 Mutoscope I’m Out far A… artist pinup   VG-EX 4
1975 MSA Sports Discs Pete Rose  Blank back Test disc VG-EX 4
1976 Safelon Ken Griffey Mint 9
1976 Buckmans Disc Terry Bradshaw EX-MT 6
1976 MSA Sports Discs Johnny Bench Blank Back GEM MT 10
1976 Isaly’s Johnny Bench Sweet William Disc GEM MT 10
1962 Topps Bucks John H Johnson #48 VG-EX 4
1970 Topps Super Leroy Kelly #8 NM-MIT 8
1978 Don Russ Elvis Presley Wax Pack NM-MT 8
1977 Topps Autos of 1977 Wax Pack NM 7
1973 Topps Kung Fu Wax Pack NM 7
1976 Mad-AD Foldees Wax Pack NM+ 7.5
1968 Topps Posters Leroy Kelly #2 VG-EX 4
1978 Superman Movie Blue Border Sticker “Man of Steel” NM 7
GROUP of 10 1978 Superman The Movie Cards PLUS 1978 Portait of Lara blue border sticker
1986 Monte Gum Hulk Hogan Sylvester Stallone Wrestling Stars Error Muhammed Ali MINT 9
1984 Ralston Purina Nolan Ryan hand cut #14 NM-MT+ 8.5
1970 Topps John Unitas Super Glossy #2 EX 5
2006 Topps Mickey Mantle Allen & Ginter Mini #275 GEM MT 10
1950 Callahan HOF Mickey Cochran Incorrect Name NM 7
1956 Topps Ed Modzelewski #117 EX-MT 6
1973 You’ll Die Laughing, Boy. They’ve Sure #1… Test Issue MINT 9
1973 You’ll Die Laughing, Boy. They’ve Sure #1… Test Issue NM-MT 8
1973 You’ll Die Laughing, Maybe It was A… #2  Test Issue MINT 9
1973 You’ll Die Laughing, Maybe It was A… #2 Test Issue NM-MT 8
1973 You’ll Die Laughing, Who Fooled Around #3…Test Issue MINT 9
1973 You’ll Die Laughing, Who Fooled Around #3…Test Issue MINT 9
Wizard of Oz film clip, 1994 The Scarecrow Receives his Degree of Thinkology
1991 AW Sports Boxing Muhammed Ali Bonus Card #44 MINT 9
1967 Topps Pin-Ups Harmon Killebrew #23 VG 3
1966 Green Hornet Jack of Harts playing card GEM MINT 10
1972 Primrose Conf. Crazy Bike Superman #50 Paper Thin NM-MINT 8
1994 Ted Williams #1 includes strand of Ted Williams’s hair 10 MINT or better
2010 Topps Rookie Colt McCoy GEM MINT 10
1977 Pepsi Cincinnati Reds Pete Rose Black Joker NM-MT 8
1978 Three’s Company Janet, Jack & Chrissy Stickers #21 MINT 9
1966 Monster Laffs “Why Don’t We Ever Have Dates?” #23 NM-MT 8
1965 Man from Uncle Robert Vaughn #45 NM 7
1964 The Munsters “Trick or Treat” #29 EX 5
2007 Topps Target Mickey Mantle Red Backs #1 GEM-MT 10
1978 Don Russ Elvis “He was a True Believer” #25 MT 9
1978 Don Russ Elvis Jail House Rock 1957 #14 MT 9
2006 Topps Mantle Mickey Mantle Homerun History #1 GEM MT 10
1991 Topps Desert Storm Hummer Land Vehicle #44 GEM MT 10
Photograph John Wooden PSA/DNA Certified Authentic autograph
1969 Brady Bunch #1 VG 3
1981 Don Russ Dukes of Hazzard Unopened Stickers Wax Pack NM MT 8
1972 Ovaltine Crazy Horse-Sioux Indian Chiefs EX-MT 6
1972 Ovaltine Red Cloud-Sioux Indian Chiefs EX-MT 6
1977 Burger Chef Reggie Jackson Fun Meal Disc NM-MT 8
2001 UD Legends of NY Mickey Mantle #146 GEM MT 10
2001 UD Legends of NY Mickey Mantle #190 GEM MT 10
1951 Hopalong Cassidy Post Wild West “Topper Gets a Rubdown” #34 EX 5
T113 Types of Nations US of America VG-EX 4
T113 Types of Nations Ireland VG-EX 4
2007 Topps Chrome Mickey Mantle Mantle Story #MMS6 GEM MT 10
1936 Gallaher Ltd J. Guthrie Sporting Personalitiies #23 NM+ 7.5
1992 Elvis Collection Elvis with Richard Nixon w/Elvis hair clipping
2008 Topps Mickey Mantle Store #NMS 50 GEM MT 10
1989 Don Russ All Stars Riverfront Stadium #63 GEM MT 10
2006 Ritths. Star Trek The Vulcan Mind Meld #21 GEM MT 10
Titanic Authentic Movie Memorabilia w/Piece of Deck
1984 Topps Nestle NL Active Career Hit Leaders Hand Cut #702 MT 9
1939 War News Pictures Air Raids Sirens Send Parisians to Cellars #75 VG 3
1939 War News Pictures Poles Capture Tanks with Hand Grenades #87 VG 3
2008 Topps Mickey Mantle Story MMS 47 GEM MT 10
1985 The 3 Stooges Moe’s Wife Helen Wrote the Outline for the… #48 GEM MT 10
1967 Philadelphia Cleveland Browns Play Card #193 EX-MT 6
1951 Jets Rockets Space Men Overcoming Steam Frogs #22 EX 5
1933 Amalgamated Press Motor-Bike Football Sports Queeriosities VG-EX 4
1973 Fantastic Odd Rods Super Dooper First Series #130 NM-MT 8
2000 UD Collection Mickey Mantle Game Bat Sweepstakes GEM MT 10
1938 Horrors of War Ghoulish Dogs Haunt the Ruins of China #99 VG-EX 4
1980 Weird Wheels Hun of a Honda #35 GEM MT 10
Percussion and flintlock long rifles, antique & modern
Add’l gun stocks for gun builders
American and English style saddles
Cleburn Saddle Shop, Cleburn TX
Bevel Ltd, Made in Argentina

Seth Thomas

RCA Victor



~ Auctioneers ~

Auctioneers: John Coffey, Bob Sweeney, Dave Troyer, Kevin Burchett, Jay Kurtz, Dwayne Braden, Chris Miller.

~ Auction Terms ~

Absentee bids will be accepted until 30 minutes before auction. We accept cash, or with valid/current photo ID we'll accept check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. This is an absolute auction and there is no buyers premium.

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