Auction February 17, 2017 at 5pm: Art Print, Artwork, Framed Wildlife

~ Auction Details ~

Auction Date: February 17, 2017 at 5pm
Auction Preview: February 16, 2017 from 12pm-8pm

~ Auction Items ~

Similar to last year’s auction.  We have put together a collection of ~ 200 pcs limited to mostly signed and numbered or original artwork.  We have also included some classic pcs from Maxfield Parrish and others.  Several Ducks Unlimited and National Wild Turkey Federation Pcs.


Cat. No.    Title
1    The Snow Goose by Ray Harm
2    Original oil on canvas wharf scene by K. Thomas
3    Signed and numbered limited edition African Elephants by John Ruthven
4    The Shell Just Sat There and Whispered Shhhh by Amy Hoza
5    Cougar by Charles Frace
6    Signed and numbered limited edition Soggy Bottom Boys by W.J. Goebel for the National Wild Turkey Federation
7    Signed and numbered limited edition Bengal Tiger by John Ruthven
8    Bardstown of Calumet Farms by John Ruthven
9    American Flamigo Audubon Print
10    Original oil on canvas of a chateau by a lake – artist unknown
11    Woodies Take Flight by Art LaMay for the National Wild Turkey Federation
12    Original oil on canvas by Rick Wisecarver of an Indian maiden by the ocean
13    Original oil on canvas of Clippers on the water, artist unknown
14    Cardinal and Wild Apples by Robert Bateman
15    King of the Country Side by W.J. Goebel for the National Wild Turkey Federation
16    At the Cliff Bobcat by Robert Bateman
17    Cabin by the Creek in Winter by Mickey J. Hackett
18    Original oil on canvas beach scene by Ginger Wilson
19    Professionally matted and framed battle scene; damage to glass
20    Original oil on canvas harbor scene attributed to Felix Martin aka. Felmart
21    Thus Far and No Further by Rick Reeves
22    You Will Soon See Them Tumbling Back by John Paul Strain
23    Rock of Erin, Battle of Gettysburg by Don Troiani
24    Too Close for Comfort by Tom Freeman
25    The Last Mooring by Tom Freeman
26    Original oil of canvas of a Spanish woman w/flowers; copy of a significant painting; artist unknown
27    Emmett Kelly In The Spotlight, Commemorative Edition Triypicth by Leighton Jones signed by Emmett and the Artist
30    Original lithograph of San Francisco/Chinatown by Dong Kingman for Collector’s Guild
31    Signed and numbered limited edition Mallard by John Ruthven
32    Signed and numbered limited edition of Idora Park Remembered by Flo Hosa
33    Original etching of Jeune Fille Lisant by Pierre Bonnard
34    Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish
35    Signed and numbered limited edition Purple Martini by L. DuBos colored etching
36    Original watercolor of Mt. Fuji; artist unknown
37    Regal Receiving Line in a fabulous gilded frame; artist unknown
38    Signed and numbered original lithograph titled Forge Glow by Carl Rosner dated 1979
39    Original lithograph titled Loves Echos by Henri G. Reynard
40    Original watercolor of a lake scene attributed to Robert Wright Sr. (Lancaster, OH)
41    Original watercolor of a still life pitcher and books by E. Womack dated 1971
42    Original snowscene watercolor by Harold D. Cooper  dated 1986
43    A very nice dimunitive original oil on canvas landscape/creek scene signed Koch or Kuch; interestingly there is a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Exhibition label on the back with obscured information re. the artist
44    Koala, plate XXV by Guy Coheleach
45    Tall Shadows by Simon Coubes 1987
46    Untitled maiden idyllic scene reminiscent of the style of Maxfield Parrish, ca. 1917  by C.A. Crane overcoated frame
47    Original lithograph of Pour Robi by Pablo Picasso for Collector’s Guild; some staining to the mat
48    Original oil on  canvas beach scene by Rex Duggar
49    Dreaming by Maxfield Parrish in an original frame
50    Original Japanese watercolor of Mt. Fuji
51    Whip-poor-will Audubon print
52    Signed and numbered limited edition print of Open Field Runners by Bruce Miller
53    Fly to the Moon by Ikki Matsumoto signed and numbered limited edition print; dated 1972
54    National Wild Turkey Federation 2002 At The Seep Research print w/6 research stamps
55    National Wild Turkey Federation 2002 Stamped print The Warriors w/4 stamps
56    Group of 4 silkscreen prints by James Davis and Luke Starling (Australian) titled Star Form
57    Original oil on canvas of a nude female figure by Thompson
58    GROUP of 4 Meiemdom jazz musician prints New Orleans 1976
59    Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish in original period frame
60    Title unknown by Maxfield Parrish
61    Original watercolor titled Blue Vase by Ralph Fanning  dated 1945
62    Signed and numbered limited edition print titled Genuine Risk, The Lady is a Champ by Lee Jackson
63    Ducks Unlimited 1989 Fly Away Collection, Central Fly Away Unscheduled Arrival by Eldridge Hardie
64    PAIR titled Navajo Children by DeGrazia
65    Ducks Unlimited Return to Haybale by Scot Storm
66    Signed and numbered limited edition lithograph print by Gene Murray
67    Original watercolor farm by Harold D. Cooper
68    Signed and numbered limited edition National Wild Turkey Federation print by Art LaMay
69    Original oil on canvas-harbor scene by W. Jones
70    Folk art stylized original oil on canvas of man and horse
71    Original watercolor of a nature scene by Harold D. Cooper dated 1988
72    Ooriginal watercolor of a wooded snow scene by Harold D. Cooper broken glass on frame
73    Original watercolor of a wooded pond & walking path by Harold D. Cooper
74    Original watercolor of a Toucan with bamboo by Eisele
75    Signed and numbered limited edition print of the Giant Panda by Robert Bateman
76    Original floral still life oil on canvas by Anna-Siebold Davis dated ’96
77    Original sunflowers on fiberglass by Endre Szabo
78    original watercolor In Peter’s Port Guernsey-Channel Islands by Bisson
79    Sacred Ground by Bev Doolittle
80    Duck’s Unlimited “Wild Turkey World Slam” with Wingbone Call Professionally mounted and framed by Wild Things
81    Mirror Lake with original show tag from the 3rd Annual Ohio Valley Oil and Water Color Show 1945 by Stuart R. Purser
82    Wilderness! Wilderness? Fine Art Poster by Bev Doolittle
83    Bev Doolittle’s book New Magic with the Collector’s Edition Remarque
84    Prayer for the Wild Things by Bev Doolittle; 29808 of 65000 with CD
85    Two More Indian Horses by Bev Doolittle 30575 of 48000
86    Three More for Breakfast by Bev Doolittle; 16588 of 20000
87    intentionally blank
88    Bev Doolittle
89    The Art of Robert Bateman book; signed on the title page
90    Original watercolor by LeLand McClelland of a transitional bungalow home; dated 1962
91    Large scale sparse tree and grassland scene by Clementine
92    Signed and numbered limited edition print titled Otters ca. 1987 by Terry Pyles
93    Spanning the Stream of Time by Dalhart Windberg
94    Austin by G. Harvey 398/500
95    Artist’s Proof titled Eye to Eye by Mary Vickers
96    In Seasonal Attire by Dalhart Windberg; one of 3200 signed and unnumbered reproductions of the original art
97    Frederick Remington art print; glass damage
98    Original intaglio lithograph by Mary Vickers titled Lisa; 95 of 275
99    Original oil on canvas hobo boy clown by Willis
100    Original oil on canvas of girl with kitten by Kirsch
101    The Gathering
102    The Great American Egret by Luke Buck pencil signed on back
103    Friends by Benjamin Chee Chee print
104    Ducks Unlimited Late Migrants by D.G. Brynaert
105    Commodor Perry Breaks the British Line, Battle of Lake Erie Sep 10, 1813 by Jim Clary
106    Lion mixed media original art 1996; artist unknown
107    Tiger mixed media original art 1996; artist unknown
108    A New England Christmas ca. 1994 by Ben Richmond
109    Winter Lights ca. 1989 by Ben Richmond, one of 500
110    National Wild Turkey Foundation 1982-2002 Wild Turkey Stamps by Christopher B. Walden
111    National Wild Turkey Foundation 1983-2003 Wild Turkey Stamps
112    Endless Summer ca. 1999 by Ben Richmond, secondary signature by Pat Daley, 1 of 800
113    Ducks by Joe Garcia
114    Rue Du Chateau photograph by Ferris
115    Battle of Chancellorsville copywrited 1889 by kurz & allison
116    Ducks Unlimited 1988 Int’l Artist of the Year presented by Dodge Truck Greenhead Alert by David Maass
117    Adventure by Sandu Liberman
118    small town square by James Werline
119    Rainforest Prince by Bradley J. Parrish 1993
120    Pt. Clinton lighthouse by Merle Made Garver Barnhill
121    Roundhouse Bar by James Werline
122    Endangerd Spaces Grizzlie by Robert Batement
123    The Servant by Garth Bartlan, personalized signature
124    Barclays Fleet Amherstberg Sept 9, 1813 by Canadian Artist Peter Rindlisbacher
125    GROUP of 3 by Maurice Utrilla
126    Milking by P. Buckley Moss
127    beach/porch original watercolor by Jeny Reynolds
128    original oil on canvas Jack & Jill skipping into the woods by Patiencz
129    original watercolor on linen by J. Scharff June 1979 of squirrel
130    original watecolorforest scene by Harold C. Cooper
131    woodblock print Watanabe Tokyo
132    acrylic by Laura Dye, stream & flowers
133    Iowa River valley Widgeons by John S. Eberhardt 1986 Iowa Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
134    White Tiger by Charles Frace
135    2002 National Wild Turkey Federation World Slam Stamps & Coins
136    Harbor scene, artist unknown
137    Original oil on canvas barn by Jenkins Rosen ?
138    Ducks Unlimited 2010 by Peter Mathios
139    intentionally blank
140    With Spring in Mind by Jean Vietor
141    Spring bouquet by Mary Vickers 295/375
142    Tigger Tackle from Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Too by Disney Studios
143    Original watercolor by Robert Wright of a fence
144    Field Scene with boy and girl by Jeremy King 35/260
145    Secrets by Mary Vickors 81/175
146    Aspens by V.  Biden 8/12
147    untitled, ca. 1968 by Leslie Cope
148    Eastern Belted Kingfisher by Gene Gray
149    Tree by Marc Moore
150    Church landscape by Marc Moore
151    Rock/landscape by Marc Moore
152    Castle/ruins by Marc Moore
153    Chateau gate by Marc Moore
154    Blue Moon by Mary Vickers
155    Tall Ship Newport Harbor by T.K. Hearson
156    America’s Cup Winner 1970 by T.K. Hearson
157    Lorena Paddleboat by Leslie Cope
158    Sun Worshippers by Lowell Davis
159    Mockingbird by Richard Sloan
160    Road Runner by Richard Sloan
161    Bobwhite by Richard Sloan
162    Yellow Shafted Flicker by Richard Sloan
163    Brown Thrasher by Richard Sloan
164    Great Horned Owl by Richard Sloan
165    Wood Duck by Richard Sloan
166    First Step by Gloria Janssen
167    Lion and Leopard
168    untitled, ca. 1986 by Leslie Cope
169    untitled, ca. 1982 by Leslie Cope
170    Pandas at Play by Sadako Mano
171    Wild Duck Shooting by A.F. Taft

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Auctioneers: John Coffey

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Absentee bids will be accepted until 30 minutes before auction. We accept cash, or with valid/current photo ID we'll accept check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. This is an absolute auction and there is no buyers premium.

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