Auction December 14, 2018 at 3pm: Collectibles, Toys

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Auction Date: December 14, 2018 at 3pm
Auction Preview: December 12, 2018 from 5pm-8pm, December 13 from 12pm-8pm

~ Auction Items ~

A specialty auction for those who are still a kid at heart.  A lifelong collection of bears, dolls, furniture, miniatures and generally toys.  Estimated to be a 500 lot cataloged auction.

Catalog begins at No. 124

Lot #    Description
124    Oak Hoosier-style kitchen cabinet, stamped hand-crafted by Ernie B on back; 17 1/4″ high
125    1989 Steiff jointed mohair bear; Limited Edition of 1000 pcs; foot pad has been signed; 12 1/2″ high
126    Well-loved mohair bear with glass eyes; some damage and thinning; 9 1/2″ high
127    Group of 6 – small Hermann Teddy, Steiff, plush and felt bears
128    Group of 3 – well-loved cinnamon bears with button eyes and mohair bear with glass eyes; tallest 16″ high
129    Group of 2 – lovely 4″ antique mohair bear with glass eyes and painted wooden school desk est. 1930s
130    Group of three vintage bears – 7″ Sal’s Pals long-nose jointed bearwith glass eyes by Sarah McClellan and 9″ Joan Woessner jointed bear Candy Kisses/Cherry Cream 64/100 and 6 1/2″ Van Duyn wool
131    ca. 1940 mohair camel 15″ long; some loss of material
132    Well-loved mohair bear with glass eyes; some damage and significant thinning; growler apparent but not working; 10″ high
133    Group of 3 small antique bears – 5″ panda squeek toy and 4″ S. Van Duyn jointed bear and 2 3/4″ jointed Good Luck with Smokey Mountain tag dated 1952
134    Painted wood stepback two-door Welsh cupboard with scroll cutting; old red paint; missing part of knob on door; 28 1/4″ high
135    Steiff mohair penguin with leather beak, feet and wings; button in wing; good paint on leather; excellent condition; 7″ high
136    Steiff wild boar; mohair excellent condition; missing button in ear; 6″ long
137    29″ Simon Halbig Germany bisque doll with composition body, hands and feet; period boots and dress appears to include period materials; no cracks or repairs to head; fingers intact
138    14″ long mohair jointed bear with glass eyes; significant hair loss
139    9″ antique long mohair jointed bear; some thinning and hair loss
140    Well loved antique long-nosed jointed mohair bear with glass eyes; 20″ high; significant hair loss and felt pads showing straw-filled body; missing ear
141    Painted metal doll washstand; original turquoise blue paint; 20″ high
142    Antique mohair tiger with glass eyes; good condition with minimal thinning; 15″ length
143    Group of 3 – tiny jointed monkey with paper Made in Japan label and miniature radio flyer wagon missing tire rubber and Wyandotte Toys 50’s era skirted tire wagon
144    Group of 2 – Japan Fat “somethings” bisque dolls; marked Nippon; 3 1/2″ high
145    Antique 25″ mohair tiger with glass eyes; some seam separation and hair loss
146    Triumph cast iron stove; very complete including paper stovepipe tube; missing one lid on RHS; 16″
147    Original paint cast iron Express goat cart; two breaks where goat attaches to cart; 8 1/2″ length
148    Group of 3 – two small jointed bears and cast iron  Champion Express; 4 1/2″ length
149    Antique mohair dog with glass eyes; 11″ length
150    Well-loved mohair cat with glass eyes; excessive thinning; 7″ high
151    Vintage 10″ bear with glass eyes and leather pads; Hermann?
152    Antique 18″ white mohair jointed bear with glass eyes and tin nose; ca. 1930
153    Group of 3 Steiff critters – 9″ jointed glass eyes mohair bear and mohair/felt elephant and 4″ bear in a bag with wooden cradle that needs reassembly
154    Group of 3 mohair rabbits – 10″ standing bunny with ear loss; set of two Steiff 8″ rabbits; one with Steiff button in ear;
155    Standing 12″ mohair rabbit in excellent condition; with period dress with staining; movable arms (single action); plastic nose does not appear to be original on top of the stitched nose
156    Vintage Steiff 9″ standing rabbit; excellent condition
157    13″ long hair recumbent bear; excellent condition; with felt eyes and stitched nose
158    15″ antique standing rabbit; glass eye (one missing one damaged); significant hair loss
159    Vintage maple-colored stepback hutch with functioning drawers/doors; 27″ high
160    Group of 4 – composite, paper mache and wood cattle, bulls; 7″ longest
161    Outstanding wooden horse and haywagon; 29″ overall; paint is in excellent condition and appears original
162    Pair of composite Dutch boy and girl in period clothing; 15″ high
163    Group of 4 wooden wash items including wringer, bucket, washboard and drying rack; 9″ longest length
164    ca. 1930 white 12″ jointed mohair bear with glass eyes and tin nose; excellent condition
165    20″ velveteen bear in a lovely golden sheen; some loss and wear
166    Germany rooster in cage, wooden with paper shingles and side walls; bellows appear to be intact but the rooster does not crow when the door opens
167    14″ antique jointed mohair large poodle with glass eyes and nose; excellent condition
168    Margarete Steiff Giengen-Brenz Teddybear-set in box; No. 009359
169    13″ Bliss doll house; wood and paper; some wear and loss
170    Antique wooden horse and buggy; 24″ overall; minor damage to tongue; cloth body horse
171    Group of 2 well-loved bears – jointed 14″ cinnamon well-loved bear and golden 20″ mohair long-nose bear with some stitched repair; straw body
172    14″ antique long-nose mohair hear; minimal wear
173    Exceptional tramp art child’s step-back hutch with old turquoise blue paint; 37″ high
174    Folk art wooden house replica; 22″ overall
175    Group of 4 tin drums including 6″ Ohio Art circus and 8″ eagle and 9″ Ohio Art Toy soldier and 11″ cowboys/indians children playing
176    Outstanding Eagle cast iron stove in original paint; 12″ high
177    Group of 4 tin game boards including The Motor Race and Brownie Auto Race by Jeanette Toy & Novelty with marbles and two race cars and two Chinese checkers boards
178    Antique 25″ long mohair jointed bear dressed in vintage western outfit including turquoise pendant necklace; some wear
179    Antique 20″ long mohair jointed bear; straw body; with wear and hair loss
180    Well-loved 22″ mohair teddy bear with jointed body; significant loss and damage
181    Antique Old Hickory child’s bench with splint seat, excellent original condition; 31″ wide; mark not found
182    Antique Old Hickory child’s rocker with splint seat; excellent condition with overcoat; mark not found; 22 1/2″ high
183    ca. 1920 carousel horse assembly; tin with lead horses; not complete; 9″ diameter
184    Wooden horse pull-toy with metal wheels and real horse hair stitched body and leather saddle; 18″ length
185    Group of 4 tin drums including 6″ Ohio Art musical critters and 7″ Made in USA patriotic children’s theme and 9″ German Circus theme and 10″ Ohio Art eagles, drums and bugles
186    Margarete Steiff Giengen-Brenz Limited Edition Polar Bear in box; No. 0001078
187    Group of 5 tin drums – 6″ Child’s marching band by Ohio Art; 8″ Marching Band and 10″ Ohio Art Eagle, Drum and Bugle; and 11″Ohio Art Circus; and 13″Chein Cowboy and Indian
188    11″ mohair cow with “moo” growler; significant hair loss; still works
189    ca. 1930 plush Hereford bull ; 12″ length
190    Group of 2 – Jeff and Jill Vogue Dolls in original boxes
191    54″ high oak child’s stepback cupboard with original finish; glass needs replaced
192    Vintage Tekno Robotic puppy with bone and manual
193    Vintage 12″ stamped metal battery-operated robot; no markings found
194    Vintage 1977 plastic 7 1/2″ Star Command IMI Starroid robot radio
195    1986 MusicBot with original box
196    The Mysto Erector set of 8 wheels in original box by Mysto; missing components
197    Wooden pinochio marionette; 16″ high
198    Group of 3 Vintage Strawberry Shortcake figures including Orange Blossom, Sour Grapes and Purple Pieman
199    Group of 7 Mickey Mouse items including Horseman doll in box; radio; coin counter; plush doll; rubber doll; gumball machine and Mickey Mouse Krazy Kar
200    Exceptional Auto-Wheel Coaster wooden wagon with spoked wheels
201    Group of 2 bear nodders; paper composite body with glass eyes; larger bear needs some repair; 8″ longest
202    Wyandotte toys stamped metal wagaon with skirted tire flares; original red/blue paint; some rust; 17″ overall
203    Antique mohair polar bear pull-toy; missing two wheels; 12″ overall
204    Ash doll step-back baker’s cabinet with stenciled drawer fronts; 15 1/2″ high; original finish
205    Nylint No. 6600 Turquoise colored mobile home truck and trailer with plastic furniture; 29″ overall
206    Group of 2 vintage Steiff mohair bears including 14″growler Classic 1920 and 1926 Gesplitz miniature
207    Mr. Peanut peanut butter maker with original box; 12″
208    Empire style child’s china cabinet; painted; 37″ high
209    Sturdy Construction No.395  excavator in excellent condition
210    Group of 3 bears including 13″ jointed white mohair bear with glass eyes some wear and condition issues; two vintage plush bears; period clown suit
211    Ray Cox Thimble Drome Champion race car; good original paint and rubber tires
212    Modern Toys Queen River battery operated stamped metal Japan steamboat; 14″
213    Chien wind-up toy; 8 1/2 ” high
214    Mobile gun marble shooter; excellent original condition; 15″
215    Turquoise Jeep by Tonka in excellent original condition
216    Battery operated Princess French Poodle in original box
217    Marx Lumar Army Truck with canvas (torn); excellent original paint
218    Battery operated GD Grumman FIIIA Jet fighter with original box that has some issues; excellent condition on plane
219    Limited Edition Skipper boat by Xonex Die cast metal boat with original box
220    Gibbs horse and hay wagon in excellent overall condition; 18″
221    Ripolin Michelin Tire stamped metal truck; Made in France; excellent unused condition
222    Gibbs Yankee Dump cart in excellent overall condition; 19″ overall
223    Wooden cow and wagon; painted wood; 18″ overall
224    Gibbs Yankee Dump cart in excellent overall condition; 19″ overall
225    Harvard wooden goat cart in original painted condition; excellent overall; 46″ wagon
226    Fantastic rocker horse mohair with real hair mane; 44″ overall
227    Set of leather saddlebags; ca. 1900
228    Group of 2 – wooden body rocker horse and separate rocker; 42″ overall
229    Exceptional wooden body gliding rocker horse; leather and canvas fittings; old paint; 32 1/2″ overall
230    “Where it all began” Eagle Stave Co. shack by Gene Serrbrough 4-1999; 10 1/2″ longest
231    Painted metal lawn sprinkler by Sprinkling Sam Defiance Ohio; 26″ high
232    Group of 4 exceptional pcs of scroll-cut doll furniture including two hutches, bench, lamp table with Coalport flowers; 8″ largest
233    Group of 3 including two bisque historical Theriault’s figures and bench with rush seat
234    5″ German bisque doll with composite body, closed mouth; period dress
235    Group of 2 jointed plush bears – 20″ and 12″; perhaps Hermann
236    Group of 4 wooden toy soldiers including 22 jointed figure; Nasco bank; and two wooden pull toys
237    Antique white mohair jointed with glass eyes and stitched nose; some condition issues
238    Pair of Germany bisque dolls in period dress; numbered on head; missing hair on boy; 5″ high
239    Group of 2 German felt bunny with paper mache body; 6 1/2″ high
240    Folk art painted wooden dog; 4″ high
241    Group of 2 painted goats; one composite; one paper mache with wooden legs; 4″
242    Chein wind-up acrobat; good working condition; 5″ high
243    7″ Germany bisque head doll with glass eyes, closed mouth, with composite body, arms and legs; ca. 1930 period dress
244    Group of 3 bottles sets – metal 6 pack Coca Cola with carrier; glass Coca Cola with paper carrier and wooden crate with Pepsi and Coke glass bottles
245    Group of 3 bisque Japan musical Mickey Mouse trio; 3″ high
246    Group of 2 Sun Rubber Company Walt Disney Donald Duck Fire Dept and roadster; 6″
247    Cast metal doll buggy with miniature bisque baby
248    Wooden Auto-Crat Victoria Car ca. 1917 with provenance on bottom with small vintage Gund bear; 10″ length
249    Group of 3 including green wooden stockade fence and 8″ length metal horse with wooden leg pull toy and 7″ rocking horse of paper mache and wood
250    Fisher Price 1964 Teddy Zilo
251    Group of 3 including 16″ wooden wagon and 12″ 1906 replica Steiff and vintage plush jointed bear with glass eyes attributed to Hermann
252    Group of 3 Hickety Pickety game in box with two Record Guild picture records Mexican Hat Dance and A Tisket A Tasket
253    Breyer Trigger in box
254    Stamped metal Animal Swing wind-up bunny on swing; working condition
255    Group of 4 including wooden wagon with chicks and egg; Wyandotte Flash Strat-O-Wagon; wooden cat pull-toy; wooden tricycle
256    10″ china head doll with cloth body; bisque hands and feet
257    11″ china head doll with cloth body; numbered 1 1/2; period 1930 clothing
258    ca. 1890 blond china head doll with printed body and period clothing; porcelain hands and feet; 8″ overall
259    Germany china head doll; porcelain feet and hands; outstanding period outfit; 5 1/2″ overall
260    Flavor ice cream stamped metal Ford delivery truck; 7″ overall; good condition
261    Stamped metal Autobus; 12″ overall; good condition
262    Painted green Hoosier cabinet with stenciled doors; 39″ high
263    Fine porcelain half-doll on wire frame with period lace dress; 8″ high
264    Fantastic fine porcelain half doll with porcelain feet; Made in France; 7″ high
265    Germany china head doll; bisque feet and hands; outstanding period outfit; 7″ overall
266    Germany blond china head doll with porcelain hands and feet in lovely period dress; 10″ high
267    Group of 7 including a dried fruit family of four in period clothing with two wooden rockers and chair; needs cleaned
268    Cloth body over wood and straw horse pull toy; original paint on wooden base with metal wheels; leather saddle and glass eyes, significant wear; 27″ overall
269    Cast iron goat cart with original green paint on the wagon; 7 1/2″ length
270    Cast iron dog and buggy; nickel chrome finish; 7″ overall
271    Arcade McCormick Deering two-horse and wagon; 12″ overall
272    Vintage plush dog with plastic eyes and ribbon; 11″ high
273    ca. 1950s Wells Fargo stage coach hand made by Leonard Kepce of Cleveland, Oh; American folk art modeled after Abbot & Downings “Butterfield” line of the 1860’s for Wells Fargo bank
274    Group of 3 including two vintage luggage pcs with travel labels; 7″ largest and Debbie travel case
275    Group of 21 composite, bisque, wood and wool sheep, rams
276    American Toys Lone Ranger and Tonto guitar with original box; 31 1/2″ overall
277    Miniature jointed figure with rocking chair; mink hair; 4 1/2″ high
278    Simon Halbig Spanish bisque doll 12/0 in period dress; 7 1/2″ high
279    Germany bisque doll with composite body, hands and feet in period dress; 9″ high
280    Group of 3 wind-up Japan bears including donkey-riding, tin face and Japan wind-up blacksmith (works-ish) and a Farm Milk drinking; 5 1/2″ high
281    Ash mirrored-back doll cabinet in original finish; 13″ high
282    Group of 3 Kewpie dolls including 3 1/2″ celluloid Dolly and 5″ Rose O’Neil signed and 5″ composite bank
283    Group of 2 Cameo rubber Kewpie dolls including 12″ doll in period dress and 10″ doll in period 2 pc outfit
284    Group of 2 including 12″ composite Kewpie and antique wicker basket with wooden wheels
285    1950s hard plastic Rose O’Neil Kewpie by Knickerbocker with original box; original paper label; 8 1/2″ high
286    Pair of George and Martha Washington historical figures character composite dolls in period clothing; 14″ high
287    Composite Kewpie with cloth body and composite hands; 11″ high
288    Germany bisque doll with paper body, composite hands and feet; marked GR 44-19; glass eyes; open mouth; 9″ high
289    10″ Spanish felt gardening doll; period clothes and felt accessories; some moth damage
290    Group of 2 Inuit dolls one with wooden face and one with felt face; rabbit fur clothing; significant deterioration; 10″ high
291    Group of 5 Japan bisque dolls in period dresses; 7″ to 5 1/2″ high
292    Germany fixed body with jointed arms doll in period clothing; 7″ high
293    Germany googly eye bisque doll with composite arms and legs; 7″ high
294    Group of 2 miniature mohair bears; Hermann and felt clothing with some damage
295    Antique handmade painted rocker; 11″ high
296    33″ Ideal Big Girl 32-35 in period dress and shoes
297    Group of 4 including wooden Model tool chest for Boys (needs reassembly) by Mason & Parker M’Fg.  And three souvenir spruce trade axes
298    Model 40k Sewhandy sewing machine in case
299    Child’s Humphrey Clock tea set by Rdgways blue transfer ware; 6 place setting with creamer/sugar and teapot
300    Ash linen cabinet with glass doors in original finish; 27″ high
301    Group of 3 including stamped metal rooster with egg cart & egg; Chein rabbit with garden cart; Japan celluloid rabbit in head of cabbage
302    ca. 1930s jointed mohair bear classroom with teacher and six students
303    ca. 1920 well-constructed spruce slant front secretary desk with bracket foot; 10″ high
304    Group of 2 porcelain plates including bear family and alphabet plate with bear and cubs; 7″ largest diameter
305    Yugoslavia hand-made oriental rug ; 6″ by 9″
306    Walnut Empire framed picture of 4 kids and toy photos; 17 1/2″ width
307    ca. 1840 three drawer chest; original finish; some wear
308    Sailor’s valentine style doll dresser with shells; 6 1/2″
309    Group of 5 including stenciled metal table and 4 chairs; 50’s style
310    Tramp art chip carved frame with period photo of boy and his rocking horse; 6 1/2″ high
311    Oval Platinoid frame with period photo with little girl and her doll hoard; 7″ high
312    Fantastic pine mule chest with lift top with leather hinges; hand-cut dovetail/box joints on drawers; 17″ high
313    Group of 9 stamped metal trays and saucers; some Ohio Art; 10″ largest
314    Crazy little hypo-allergenic cloth cat with glass eyes; ca. 1940; 8 1/2″ high
315    Simon Halbig Spanish porcelain doll 1249; real hair wig; 20″ high including mesh purse; needs cleaned
316    Germany porcelain doll Mabel 13/0 in period clothes and leather boots; bisque hands; 15″ high
317    Painted hope chest with 2 drawers; 8″ wide
318    Fantastic wooden building set in wood box with paper label; ca. 1914
319    Porcelain creamware pitcher and bowl; 3 1/2″ high
320    Group of 2 vintage framed photographs with girls and dogs and dolls
321    Group of 18 pewter spelterware pcs
322    Group of 29 pewter spelterware tea set pcs
323    Carved wooden folk art hand painted whimsical beast; 28″ overall
324    Group of 14 stoneware and glass miniatures; Beaumont Brothers and Rowe
325    Cast metal stove with alphabet on back; 8″ high
326    Bisque boy in blue velvet with miniature mohair bear by Factoria; 9″ high
327    Windsor chair by Riverbend Chair Co. West Chester, OH in mustard; 14″ high
328    Griswold cast iron skillet 0; chrome finish; no. 562; 4 1/4″ diameter
329    Kenton brand cast iron footed stock pot in nickel finish; 3 1/2″ diameter
330    Cast iron Favorite Piqua 4″ skillet
331    Erie cast iron handled stockpot; 3″
332    Cast iron advertising skillet Home Comfort St. Louis; 2 1/2″
333    Cast iron skillet Wagner Ware Sidney 0; no. 1367; 3″ diameter
334    Cast iron John Wright skillet; 3 1/2″ diameter
335    Cast iron advertising skillet; Campus Martius Marietta OH; 2 1/2″ diameter
336    Cast iron Anchor Stove and Range Co. Louisville KY and New Albany, IN; 2 1/2″ diameter
337    Cast iron Mount Penn Stoves Heaters and Ranges; Reading PA; 2 1/2″ diameter
338    Cast iron advertising skillet; Souvenir of Opening Favorite Stoves and Ranges; Smith’s 1900; nickel chrome finish; 2 1/2″ diameter
339    Cast iron advertising miniature skillet for the Royal Stove and Range Co. Greenville Ohio
340    Cast iron advertising skillet; Souvenir of Opening Favorite Stoves and Ranges; Sheridan & Lapes; 2 1/2″ diameter
341    Cast iron miniature skillet; Erie 2 3/4″ diameter
342    Cast iron miniature advertising skillet; Stratton & Terstegge; Anchor Stoves and Ranges; Louisville KY; 2 1/2″ diameter
343    Group of 3 miniature cast iron skillets
344    Miniature doll butcher block set with set of tongs, slab of meat and knife; folk art; 4″
345    Cast iron nickel chrome finish Home stove with skillet; 3″ high
346    Lovely mahogany Empire chest; 11″ high
347    Bisque boy in toboggan “peeing”; 3 3/4″ high
348    Mahogany 3 drawer chest by W. C. Wells Interior and Finishing 18 De Kalb St. Dayton OH; dated 1915; 6 1/2″ high
349    Royal nickel chrome finish cast iron stove with accessories; 11 1/2″ high
350    Painted metal Alaska icebox; 5″ high
351    Painted metal Eagle cast iron stove; 5 1/2″ high
352    Metal and porcelain grinder mounted on wood; 5 3/4″ high
353    Royal nickel chrome finish cast iron stove with accessories; 8″ high; some damage on top bracket

~ Auctioneers ~

Auctioneers: John Coffey, Kevin Burchett

~ Auction Terms ~

Absentee bids will be accepted until 30 minutes before auction. We accept cash, or with valid/current photo ID we'll accept check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. There is no buyers premium.

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